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Sell In-store


Selling in-store focuses on transactions that occur within the physical premises of your store. It's about providing customers with a tangible shopping experience, where they can touch, feel, and see products before purchasing. This traditional model emphasizes customer interaction and immediate purchase gratification.

OmniConnect enhances in-store selling by linking your point of sale (POS) systems with inventory, customer relationship management, and other essential business tools. It manages the flow of sales data in real-time, ensuring inventory is up-to-date and customer preferences are logged. This integration aids in providing a smoother transaction process, helps in personalizing customer interactions based on past purchases, and ensures that your stock levels are automatically adjusted with every sale, keeping your store operations efficient and responsive to customer needs.

By connecting multiple systems and leveraging our OmniChannel Functionality you can achieve a true Unified Commerce experience for the customer.

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