Fulfill anywhere

Fulfill from store


Ship from Store lets your store double as a mini-fulfillment center. Essentially, it means that instead of just selling items physically present in your store, you can also use your store's inventory to fulfill online orders. This approach is great for quick deliveries and reducing shipping costs.

OmniConnect makes this possible by syncing your POS system with your online sales channels. It tracks what's available in your store in real-time and updates your online stock levels accordingly. This way, when an online order is placed, you can immediately determine if the item can be shipped from your store, speeding up the delivery process and optimizing your inventory management. Placed orders are automatically synchronized to the POS system for processing of the fulfillment. It's all about using your existing resources smartly to serve your customers better.

By connecting multiple systems and leveraging our OmniChannel Functionality you can achieve a true Unified Commerce experience for the customer.

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