About Codeunit

We have made sure that financial transactions arrive intact for more than a quarter of a century.

Decades of Experience

Codeunit was founded by developers that have been working with Microsoft Dynamics and building purpose-built integrations for Navision, Attain, Dynamics NAV and Business Central since the early days of Navision.


Our definition of purpose-built is a product that is designed to meet specific business requirements as defined by our customers and the integration requirements of the business applications that we connect together.

Get the Job Done

This means unnecessary features are unnecessary. Codeunit’s purpose-built Apps provide users with the features needed to get the job done and are not overengineered or over featured for the sake of trends or charging more money.We have been working with all the versions of Navision, Attain, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central and we are always adapting our products to the latest technology offered.

Scalable Platform

Today we have a scalable integration and connectivity platform, named OmniConnect, for both Dynamics NAV and Business Central that is always ready to handle our customers transactions.

Codeunit as a company have decades of experience working with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, transactional systems, and software integrations.

Passion for Dynamics

We are passionate and love what we do and as a customer you will recognized and experience this by the unprecedented and fanatical customer care that we will provide to you.

Many things have changed over the years, but some things have not – it is still equally important for transactions to arrive at their intended destination with its data intact!

Our Focus is Customer Care

Another thing that has not changed, is the need for customer care, as a customer buying a Codeunit product that provides a fully automated business system integrations, you still need to be assured that the software provider is an expert on the systems that you integrate, Codeunit has this expertise. Customer care, quality and purpose-built products is the foundation for everything we do here at Codeunit, now, in the past, and in the future!