Celebrating milestones and our new visual identity

At Codeunit, we're thrilled to celebrate the achievements of the past year and introduce our brand-new visual identity along with our brand-new website.

Throughout the past year, our journey has revolved around Unified Commerce. We've reached significant milestones, all thanks to the unwavering support of our valued customers, partners, and team members.

Our year at a glance

Milestone achievement: We're thrilled to announce that we've successfully processed over 500 million transactions in 2023. This significant number is a testament to our robust systems and our team's relentless dedication.

Expanding our reach: Our commitment to simplifying unified commerce has resonated across the industry, allowing us to welcome over 30 new customers. These partnerships are the cornerstone of our growth and a reflection of our market adaptability.

Innovation in integration: Understanding the needs of businesses, we've released over 10 new integrations specifically tailored for Dynamics Business Central. These integrations are designed to enhance efficiency and streamline operations, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.

New visual identity

Our updated appearance embodies a forward-thinking mindset and an ongoing commitment to progress. It extends beyond being a mere logo or color palette; it mirrors the values and vision of our organization, particularly in the context of Unified Commerce.

This updated visual identity will play a prominent role in our journey, symbolizing our unwavering commitment to continual enhancement and customer-centric service. We eagerly anticipate this new chapter and express heartfelt gratitude for the steadfast support of our clients, partners, and dedicated team members.

Thank you for being a part of our story.