Espresso Gear


Espresso Gear is a Swedish company that specializes in designing, inventing, and producing high-quality coffee equipment for the modern specialty coffee market. The company was founded in 1999 by Lars Wallin. Espresso Gear offers a wide range of coffee accessories such as espresso machines, coffee makers, brewers, coffee cups, and much more from international brands. They also have a blog section on their website that provides information on various topics such as the importance of grinders, the Japanese-styled iced coffee, and more. Espresso Gear is committed to sustainability and is adding to their sustainable collection.

I was amazed when we started to work with connect2Shopify. I mean, we have several Shopify installations connected to one Business central. It could be potentially messy. But it just worked, right away. Real-time stock levels in all the Shopify stores.
Fredrik Gorthon, CEO