Bra Möbler


Founded in 1995 in Gothenburg by Joakim Forslund, has evolved from a family passion into one of Sweden's leading outdoor furniture retailers. With a history dating back to the 1970s, the company has grown through innovation and a commitment to quality, offering a wide selection of products and personalized service. Today, they continue to expand with multiple stores and a comprehensive e-commerce platform, ensuring customer satisfaction from start to finish.
We integrated our E-commerce, POS, and CRM systems with Business Central to achieve a unified commerce platform. The process, guided by the Codeunit team, was marked by clarity and effectiveness. Their expertise and timely responses were crucial in ensuring a smooth integration. We're grateful for their assistance, which has led to noticeable improvements in our business operations. The project has successfully met our expectations, streamlining our processes and enhancing overall efficiency.
Björn Holthe